large, Extra Large And JUMbo Free range eggs


We despatch from our farm 5 days per week, servicing Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane & surrounds.

Therefore all eggs leaving our farm are no more than 48 hours from the time they’re laid.

Our packaging:

We supply three different sized eggs in multiple packaging choices. They are:

  • 600g (Average egg size 45g) Available in 12 Packs, 18 Packs and Trays of 30
  • 700g (Average egg size 52g) Available in 12 Packs and Trays of 30
  • 800g (Average egg size 59g) Available in 12 Packs and Trays of 30

Each of our cartons have been viewed by the Egg Label Integrity Panel and state the correct information regarding nutritional information and stocking density as well as other requirements.


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