Third generation Farm, local free range eggs


Our story begun over 70 years ago...

When our grandfather decided to hand in his resignation as an engineer for Qantas in Melbourne and pack up the family and move to start his first egg farm in Dora Creek, Lake Macquarie.

In his words, every person, every day, needs a farmer and his goal was to produce beautiful fresh eggs for people all over Australia.

Fast forward to today, the 2nd, 3rd (and sometimes 4th) generation of farmers are running our 3 farms in Lake Macquarie & the Hunter Valley.

We followed our grandfathers legacy and believe in only selling the finest locally produced eggs from chickens and farms that are well cared for by experienced farmers with no shortcuts.

We do not produce any caged eggs and none of our eggs are washed or processed using chemicals!

We have 36,000 free ranging Hy-Line-browns on our farms which give us a stocking density of less than 8000 birds per hectare, 3/4 of the Australian Standard. Our girls spend a minimum of 10 hours outside on our enriched yards each and every day but sleep and lay their eggs inside our purpose built barns of a night.

We despatch farm fresh eggs from our farm 5 days per week all over Newcastle, Sydney & Brisbane, so all eggs leaving our farm are no more than 48 hours from the time they’re laid.


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