‘A Class’ certification, NSW Food Authority

We took ownership of our Cooranbong farm in April of 2017, and ever since we have invested well over 2 million dollars to transform and improve our farming processes to keep up with modern technologies.


Ways we have done this are:

  • The purchase of over 3 hectares of land adjoining our farm, solely for additional Free Range access for our birds
  • The erection of 3 brand new sheds – 1 for our Grading Floor, 1 for our onsite office and staff room and 1 barn for farm machinery to be stored

  • We have installed a MOBA 2500 Grading Machine which will grade up to 30,000 eggs per hour as well as a new 375m2 cool room facility within our grading floor

  • The installation of a Lübing conveyor system to carry our eggs securely and efficiently from each barn to our grading floor

  • Installed 3.8 Kilometres of perching rails into each of our barns to ensure we comply with the Egg Standards of Australia

  • Installed 2, 27 Tonne Silos so we can resourcefully have the correct diets readily on hand for our flocks

  • Installed a state of the art surveillance system so we can view around our sheds, on our conveyor belts and around our farm, 24/7

  • Enhanced the pop holes on each of our barns to ensure our hens have easy and meaningful access to their pastures as well as ensuring its safe and easy for our staff to manoeuvre.

  • Re-roofed and insulated one of our barns, for the comfort of our hens


Today, we are working on refencing the entire property, so our hens can be rotated between new pastures more frequently in addition to reassuring the importance of biosecurity on our farm.

Training and Education is very important to us and therefore our staff are regular and active attendees of forums & symposiums held around Australia to ensure we are well informed and educated with what’s happening within the Australian egg industry.


As we are a commercial farm, we are required to be audited on an annual basis to ensure we comply with the Egg Standard of Australia. This audit is conducted independently by our certified auditor, BSI Group and as at August 2017, we hold a B Class certification under the previous ECA.

In addition to this audit process, we are also audited by the NSW Food Authority and hold an ‘A Class’ certification with them for our farming and grading processes.